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Just my 2cents worth but I bought a brand new 150 johnson in 1999 and it has been in the shop at least once for each of the years I have had it. First when it was 2 months old, then when it was 13 months, and again at the begining of this summer when it was 21 months old. There has been wiring problems, an oil pump replacement and something they just can't figure out. Of course the first $1100 dollars was under warranity but the $980 oil pump replacement was not and to quote the salesman, "I never saw an oil pump go in only 13 months before". As for the latest problem they could not put their finger on it. So I guess you could say I'm not to happy with my johnson 150 oh yeah it is not even a ficth.
Hope you have better luck than I did!!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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