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I learned mine in the Boy scouts and the Scout manual will do it. Concentrate on the boline. clove hitch., half hitch, and sheet bend.
When I tought knots, I made scouts practice by feel so they could do them blindfolded. The time your most likely to need a knot is on a dark night.

The power sqadron teaches knots in the seamanship course along with alot of other very useful stuff. Give them a call.

Good luck with the new boat.

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What size boat did you buy? The reason why I ask is that the diameter of the line you are using will dictate which knots you'll need to learn. If it's a small to mid-sized boat, you'll need to learn how to correctly secure a figure eight knot to a cleat. Also, line selection is just as important to learn (not all materials/diameters behave the same).

Let us know and we'll help you out.
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