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Boaters meeting w/ NYSDEC, NJ Marine Police, USCG & Fast Ferry - Thursday

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This free meeting will include presentations from the USCG explaining ?Operation Clear Channel.? There will also be representatives on hand from New Jersey Fast Ferry and New Jersey Marine Police. NYS DEC Officers will be on hand to field any questions about rules and regulations for the upcoming season. This is a great opportunity for anglers and boaters to bring their concerns and questions about a variety of issues, directly to those who can answer.

Were you ever cut off or ?waked? by a Fast Ferry and felt it was unnecessary? Here?s your chance to bring it to their attention.

How many times do you wonder where the NY/NJ border is when you are on the water fishing? Which regs should you follow? With representatives from both agencies on hand, here is your chance to get a definitive answer.

Meeting includes free refreshments and fishing tackle door prizes. This is a free, no fee, and non fund-raising event. Seating is limited. Call or e-mail Mr. Richie Chan to reserve a seat. This meeting is in co-operation with The Fishermen?s Conservation Association and The Great Kills Yacht Club. As an added post-meeting feature, the test out option will be available for those in need of a NJ Safe Boating Certificate at a reduced rate.

You can learn more about the Fishermen?s Conservation Association by going to

Thurs, April 24th, 2008
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Great Kills Yacht Club
37 Mansion Ave.
Staten Island, NY
[email protected]

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Were you ever cut off or ?waked? by a Fast Ferry and felt it was unnecessary? Here?s your chance to bring it to their attention.

Your kidding....every day and that is not going to change either with the tight schedules they run. Numerous complaints have been lodged against these ferry service operations over the years, with the added line by enforcement, "just be careful the next time".

It is NY HARBOR and with all the commercial shipping within this region, nothing will change. But I will add, all the ferry operators should be applauded for there safety record carrying thousands of passengers a day, considering the amount of ferry traffic within this confined and heavily trafficed area in NYC waters.

The best advice anyone can give boaters within this area, STAY ALERT, KEEP CLEAR, and TAKE PROMPT ACTION to manuever your vessel out of the way, or to take there resulting wakes in a safe manner.

For those who have to be reminded, VHF CHANNEL 13 (ship to ship) should be monitored at all times while fishing in lower and upper NY Harbor. VHF CHANNEL 14 is NY VESSEL TRAFFIC ship movements within the area, and of course VHF CHANNEL 16 should be kept in scan mode at all times.

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