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QuickRelease had a very good response. I would suggest makeing shorter trips to begin with. I fish out of Jones, and Cholera is only an 8 mile ride. Try that first, and troll for a while, keep and eye on your fuel, and you can judge the distance from there. As far as rigs are concerned,keep in mind that most of the fish you get in the 6-20 mile range off of the south shore of Long Island will be fairly small. Therefore, to troll for small tuna, mahi-mahi, shipjacks, ect.. use a very simple rig (at least that is what I have seen and heard). I use jap fethers on a regular conventional setup with mono line. (I have a Penn 310GTi, and a Newell 338). Try trolling at around 4-6 knots (vary speed until you catch a fish or two). Last year we found some Mahi about 5 miles south of JI, and we did pretty well with both tins and popers! What a blast!
Oh, by the way, if you run south and hit the blue water, start trolling, even if you are only 4-5 miles out.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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