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OK, If ran searches and looked around and I'm feeling pretty dumb and frustrated. Can anyone suggest any good links for sites that review boats as far as quality goes ...durability, usability, seaworthness, price, spedcs, etc.?

I know some of the good names out there, but I also might not be able to afford the name.

As an aside, anyone have or have experience with Sea Hunt (21'CC) ?

I want to get a lot of research done prior to Tobay. Any help would be very appreciated. Decisions, decisions, I'm pulling my hair out, and I'm running out of it! Thanks.


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Hey mocean,
Been there, done that, and I know how you feel. We just bought our first new boat. After a lot of research we decided to go with the Arima - not a popular boat out here on the East Coast - but I have to say we're very very happy with it thus far.

In any event, the boat purchase decision is a very personal one indeed, and you are wise to go into the purchase, as with anything else, as informed and knowledgeable as you can be.

Here are some internet resources, but I also recommend that you go down to marinas and take a look around, talk to people, etc. I, and most others I am sure, would be happy to share information about boats, both the positives and negatives. (No boat is perfect!)

OK - so here's a list of resources -
1.BoatUS Reviews by Owners
You can search their database of boat reviews by owners, based on manufacturer and model. Here's an example of what I learned about Sea Hunt boats from that site:Sea Hunt Owners' Reviews

2. Powerboat Reportspresents frank, honest, thorough, detailed reviews of boats and boat products it tests. Because they do not accept any advertising, they are very similar to the Consumer Reports organization. It's one of my favorite sites. You can search their database of boats they have reviewed, read an excerpt of the review, and purchase the review for a nominal fee. It's definitely worth the money. Their review helped me make up my mind on the Arima, although they reviewed a smaller one (18')than the one I purchased(21').

3. David Pascoe's
Yacht Surveysite is a must read - there is so much information on that site about boats: boat reviews, buyers guide, maintenance, structural issues, hull design, etc.... It's a site not to be missed if you own a boat or are preparing to buy one.

Well that's all I can think of for right now. If I think of anything else I will post it. In the mean time, take your time, do your homework, and most of all, have fun, and get what you want!!

Best wishes!
Goodnight Moon

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Thanks Jay and G'Night Moon,

Some excellent links there. Was checking them out till the wee hours last night. Some great reading. I was surprised that there were no negative comments on Sea Hunt 212. (has a Yami 150 btw). I also realize I have a lot more nights with minimal sleep coming up. (Thats supposed to be reserved for fishing!) The more I look, the harder this gets! So many options. So many boats, so little time and money.

Keep the advice comming. Lord knows I need it!


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I think everyone here covered it for you, at least as far as I know. But I can offer this. A Grady dealer who lives down the block form me said that Sea Hunt is going after Grady with their coloring and construction. From his vantage point Sea Hunt is really taking a toll on Grady sales. It sounds hard to believe but this is what he told me.

He also claims that Grady, and he said this was a rumor within the company, sold some of the hull molds (or at least specs on) to Sea Hunt. I guess they might have figured that if they were cutting into sales that much they might as well make a buck somewhere. I also looked at them before I purchased my current boat (Great Bay Marine) but it came down to the fact that I could of had a 17' 2002 Sea Hunt or a 20' 2001 Angler for the same money. I had to go with the extra 3'.


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As soon as I read Mocean's question I knew you were the right person to provide some valuable links. I was about to PM you to ask you to reply but you beat me to it!


That's one post that everyone should print and hold on to for future reference.

And YES, you just gave everyone another reason why this site is so awesome!
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