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Has anyone tried taking their kayak on a regular boat, then tried entering/launching their kayak from that boat ??
My idea is to take my kayak offshore with my boat, launching and then do some fishing from the kayak.
I want to use the boat as a "mother ship" for the kayak so i could fish certain areas that could not be reached by kayak due to distance or sea conditions from shore.
Anybody try this or have any input ?
Ps. boat has low gunnels so its easy to get in and out of the boat, I also have a removable boarding ladder on the boat as well (used to enter boat when scuba diving)

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thanks for the reply's

i tried entering and exiting the kayak from the carolina skiff this weekend and it is not hard to accomplish (at the dock), havent tried on the open water yet.
i have a lot of practice to do on the kayak, as i am new to kayaking, not new to fishing.
hopefully i will get a chance to hookup with you guys soon for some pointers.
once i feel comfortable in the kayak, then lets get on the boat and head into deeper water. i would be happy to take some of you guys along.
i would like to fish the tower for albacore from the kayak, i think it would be a great way to fish for albacore. i would be interested in listening to any deepwater trip ideas any of you would have.

i also have access to a 42 foot lobster boat with the stern transom totally cut out, great for launching or recovering kayaks from, my plan is to go offshore and then launch the kayak and go tuna fishing. i would have room for atleast 8-10 kayaks on the boat, and would be willing to take along any qualified kayaker. this trip would be in the fall and based upon weather conditions.
if we get the weather to go out, we will catch fish.

the carolina skiff has room for 3-4 kayaks to take along, it is more of a inshore type boat, but can handle some rougher seas. i also have a 25 foot contender that i could put 2-3 kayaks on, this boat can handle any sea conditions and is offshore capable.

let me know what you guys think, any trip ideas would be interesting to hear.

ps. what is the proper life vest to buy, i am 6'3" and 230lbs, which one will not interfere with the paddling ??
please advise, thank you
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