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boat junkyards

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anyone know of a boat junkyard in mass.area ?
someplace to just walk around and search thru old boats for parts or gadgets or other stuff
kind of like a car junkyard
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I think the PC term is "marine salvage".. there is one, that I've never been to, in your neck of the woods.. it has more boats than anything suppposidly. I can't remember which town it's in, but it's in MA, north of Boston somewhere.

In derry NH, there is "derry marine", they are a great avenue for used outboard parts, but have yet to allow me out back.. and believe me, I've tried ;).. I'm not sure how much or what else they've got out there exactly.

There's definitly quite a few more in NH & MA, those decommisioned boats & marine engines have gotta end up somewhere.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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