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Just wondering if anyone has fished it this season yet and what are your observations on the health of it. I still get depressed when I go there. It used to be a lush bass-filled lake and now is a mere shell of it's former self. Somehow it seems to have been defoliated - no lily pads, hydrilla, etc. My guess is the development of the land at the Country Club next store is to blame. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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I have been fishing Blydenburg for over 40-years and I would tend to agree that there is definitely less Lilly Pads and plant life in general, than in years past. I?m not really sure what the cause is, but I don?t think the recent construction is to blame as I noticed this happening over a number of years. I am a bit confused as to what happened to all of the Lilly Pads that seemed to just disappear that were near the back entrance of the lake - off Creek Road. I thought maybe it had something to do with the mosquito spraying in the area, or that they possibly pulled them out to cut back on the number of mosquitoes, but I?ve been informed that no pads were removed and that the spraying has no effect on the lake plant life.

I?ve spoken with DEC regarding this very issue and I was assured that the lake was as healthy as ever and that the bass fishery was in great shape. My personal observations tell me otherwise, but according to the logbooks that are turned in each year, the size and numbers of fish appear to be holding steady.

I have fished there about ten times this season and the bass fishing has been about what it was last year, but I agree something just doesn?t seem right.

Lets just hope it doesn?t go the way of Green Gate Lake, now know as Richards Park, which feeds into Blydenburg. The Town of Smithtown has totally ignored that lake and over the years I?ve seen it deteriorate into a swamp. When I was a child that was a thriving lake with many people fishing it every day of the week. It was stocked annually with trout, largemouth, pickerel, bluegills and catfish, and it was a great place for beginners. In fact that is where I learned to fish, and it?s sad to see it in the shape it?s in today.
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