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Blues ./ Stripers Northshore Trolling?

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Hi all

New to the Northshore boating angling (Just got a 19' center console). I fish out of Huntington or LilCo usually.

Need some friendly advice for this time of year....I have caught small blues near shore by surface plugging, but want to catch the bigger ones.

Have a couple new wireline trolling setups with Umbrella rigs, was thinking between Eaton's neck and Conn trolling...can someone tell me if they are running out there right now?

Also, what speed should I troll at, and what depth? How far down does the wire sink the umbrella as I let it out (Have 300' of wire on each rod).

Any particular colors or other areas?

Also, do the bigger blues get nearer the shore for spincasting / surface lures or spoons?

Time of day or tides influence?

Any help from the informative people on this board appreciated

Tight Lines
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troll speed

I've found the slower you go the more likely you are to catch Bass, you have to be down by the bottom though. use your depth finder and as stated already rule of thumb is 1' for every 10' of wire. judge the depth lets say 25' and let out 200' or so of wire. watch the tip of your rod if you see it ticking your on the bottom. reel in and clean up your umbrella as it probally has weed on it, start again and either let out less wire or increase your speed. The faster your speed the higher your umbrella will ride in the water.
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