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my friends are driving a boat down from Maine next week. Will they be running into bluefin on the way down around Cape Cod or Nantucket?
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The SW corner of Stellwagen has been consistent for small bluefin all year. From the SW corner we just try and find the bait and work the area. The fish have all been pretty big schoolies in the 50-65 inch range. Squid bars(13 and 18 inch in black and root beer in pic), jigs, and even a few on poppers and plugs have worked well. The bite should blow up again real soon with more fish moving in...the amount of bait in the area is absurd...we still have schools of macks and theres pogies, bluefish, and more sand eels than you could imagine. Giants are showing up in greater numbers with rod and reel guys grabbing some though by this time last year we had real solid numbers. Good luck!


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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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