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A couple of months back I posted the story about the bluefins 300m from land in Ireland in the Surf Fishing Forum cos it did not fall into the offshore catagory! Now that I have some more info I think I will post it here cos it is more appropriate here. Anyway Ireland is way off shore for you guys.

I have just completed a handy article about the bluefin tuna fishing in Ireland. It gives the history of the fish in Irish waters and off the attempts to catch it. It may be of interest to anyone looking for an alternative bluefin location. We already had one boat come up from the Azores for the action...

2002 looks like it could be quite a good season now that the skippers have built on the experiences of 2000 and 2001.

Anyway there are plenty of pics, lots of info and a handy map.

Bluefin tuna Fishing in Ireland

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