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Blue Claw Crab Sauce...........Cooking tip of the day:)

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Besides fishing, my second favorite pass time is cooking. Thought I would share one of my favorites, Crab Sauce. Lately the crabbing has been getting good, so eat em' up:)

The trick is to use live crabs, so cleaning can be tough until u get used to it. Just grab them from the back, get a thumb under the rear leg, the other thumb under the shell point and remove the shell. With heavy mits, you can control the little bugger very well.

Crab Sauce......yum

Clean your crabs while alive by putting on some thick oven mits, remove top shell, and rinse out body cavity (optional, some like the "mustard"). In a sauce pot, add a little olive oil, a bunch of fresh, crushed garlic to taste, a shallot and sweat the flavor out for a couple of minutes. Add a can of tomato sauce, a can of crushed tomatos, about half cup of white wine, some salt / pepper (crushed hot pepper if you like a little spice), half a can of water, a little bit of bay leaf and parsley (sometimes I use a sprinkle of Oregano as well), add your crabs and let that puppy simmer for about an hour.

After it is about 95 % done (you will know, they smell great and the crab meat is cooked well) add a couple of pounds of mussels, maybe some clams (there are alot of variations) another half cup white wine, taste and re-spice if needed and let this simmer again until all shellfish have opened. Boil up some linguine and go for it.

Also, if sauce starts getting too thick, just add a little more water.

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How about "kickin' it up a notch" and adding some cayenne pepper or hot pepper flakes? "BANG"

I also clean my crabs live. I grab one claw with a pair of pliers and grab the back of the shell and pull. The lungs and all internal organs are cleaned and rinsed, at the boat. I then food saver seal them until I get a nice pile and make almost the same sauce as is superbly described on this thread.

I have another recipe. Boil the cleaned crabs and remove all the meat. Then take 1/2 pound to a pound of butter and melt it in a sauce pan. Add finely chopped garlic, finely chopped onion and finely chopped fresh parsely. When the onions and garlic sweat, add white wine and a little olive oil. Then add the crab and season to taste with salt and pepper. Then drop in the linguine.

That's a white sauce.
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