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Blown running light bulbs

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I keep blowing my port side red Perko running light. I have checked the voltage (its good)and cleaned the contacts. I think its heat related because I am using the correct wattage bulb and it still gets very warm. Anyone have a similar problem?
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Corrosion traveling up the wire. Increases resistance. Increases heat.

Use the old Wire as a 'snake' to pull a new wire, 14 gauge duplex multistrand tinned cable. Use marine grade heat shrink crimping lugs and terminals with the glue inside them, they are practically 'permanent'. Also use redundant grounding practices, never relying on a single ground as a ground. Redundant grounds would allow you to cut one of them and still not have electrical grounding problems. Grounding is very important, as much as preventing your wiring from corroding and traveling and turning into scrap by sealing all exposed connections with liquid electrical tape.

Do these things and you are done for at least 15 years, probably longer, for this problem. Continue with the rest of the boat and electrical problems will be a thing of the past.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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