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Block island

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Info needed.Im going to take my 20' center out to charleston rhode island for a few days with a friend and Im thinking of running over to block Island for some fishing.Im not very familar with this area,I do have gps and some charts but I was wondering if I could get some experianced info from someone who has fished this area.Especially any do's and don'ts.Thanks the Hornet
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Block Island Fishing

roberthornet, watch the weather and pick only days that are BLUEBIRD. (seas 1-3 ft, wind light and variable) The SW wind picks up everyday between 0930 AM and 1100Am. You,ll definately make it there, the problem is coming back in the slop. I' ve spent too many nights over at the Island because I didn't leave soon enough. Fishing is that good sometimes! As far as spots go... the Southeast Light house is pretty good if you want to tube and worm, Black rock on the SW side is good if you want chunk bunker or drift eels, and Southwest Ledge is good for all of the above, HOWEVER it is outside state waters and is considered the E.E.Z. :rolleyes:. Also the North Rip is good for 3 waying eels and the rock piles outside of Old Harbor (east side) are good for eels and chunking as well. If your bottom fishing well that's another story for later;). Good Luck, Tom

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