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Blank Recommendation

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I'm a big fan of Batson's Rainshadow blanks. I've have limited experience building rods, but I think the Rainshadow's are quality blanks and are an excellent value. The wrapper is empty and I'm itching to start a new project. I'd like to build a rod to use for the Montauk cod run (Partyboat). I'll probably team the rod with a Saltist 50H.

What would you recommend in the Rainshadow line? I'm looking at something in the RCLB series.

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Kut I am assuming you talking about montauk local cod?

I have a SWB70MH e-glass blank that I used for cod this season in montauk and caught fish to 25lbs.I think an 8' like the SWB80H would work good for this.For Montauk cod you dont need the heavy stuff like used up North.Its mostly bait fishing and I never had to use more than 16oz. lead when using braid.

Check out batsons salt water e-glass blanks there very easy on the wallet and quite durable.Great blanks for the money.

Captain Neil stocks these and has them available for purchase.
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