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Blank Recommendation

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I'm a big fan of Batson's Rainshadow blanks. I've have limited experience building rods, but I think the Rainshadow's are quality blanks and are an excellent value. The wrapper is empty and I'm itching to start a new project. I'd like to build a rod to use for the Montauk cod run (Partyboat). I'll probably team the rod with a Saltist 50H.

What would you recommend in the Rainshadow line? I'm looking at something in the RCLB series.

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the heaviest blank the make in that line is the 80M which is rated 20-50, this is probably the one to go with but considering it starts with a 7.5 tip, its going to have to be cut, not sure how much because i have never bent this blank so the problem may be that by the time you get it to the right stiffness it may be too short unless your looking for something about 7'
cannot give you better advice than Togilator
.....the SWB 80MH Or SWB80H would be the ones to look at... If Captain Neil does not see this thread send him a PM he may have both in stock for you to look at.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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