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Blank Recommendation

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I'm a big fan of Batson's Rainshadow blanks. I've have limited experience building rods, but I think the Rainshadow's are quality blanks and are an excellent value. The wrapper is empty and I'm itching to start a new project. I'd like to build a rod to use for the Montauk cod run (Partyboat). I'll probably team the rod with a Saltist 50H.

What would you recommend in the Rainshadow line? I'm looking at something in the RCLB series.

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I stock the 7'M, 7' MH, 7 1/2'MH and 8'H. One angler has a 7'10" H and another angler has a 7'9" MH. These were designed for cod. The MH is a great tog rod using 10-16 oz sinkers. It also makes a very good 3 way swivel bucktail 8 oz sinker striper rod for the east end. Diamond jigging big blues/stripers is easy.

Capt Neil
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