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Blackfish stick.....SCORE!!!

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Went to the englishtown auction in NJ sunday morning. Walked away w/ a 8ft GLoomis BBR-966-C. I think this is the bounceback stick rated 25-45lb 3-10oz. It was paired w/ an blue Avet 6:0:1 with some scratches on the reel handle. I payed $120 for this whole setup....SCORE BABY!!
Now is this a preferred blackfish stick? i would think this blank is ideal for blackfishing. However i think i would be a bit hesitant to use braid as there is a lot of "bounce" to this rod. Spool the Avet with mono is the way to go?? if so what lb test? 30#??? I want to use this setup for blackfishing inshore and offshore. I would think the rod can handle more than 10oz, didnt check yet to see what is the max weight i can use.
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8' is a bit too long, but fo rthe price I'm sur eyou'll be able to deal with it. If it's rated 3-10oz it might be a bit too heavy in the tip, but then again it migh tbe perfect. I don't know sinc eI don't have it here.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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