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Blackfish Setup?Which rod(New Pics)

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Hi Going with Noreast on the blackfish charter oct 26th on the Celtic Quest and wanted to check if this is a good setup to bring with me or if I have some overkill here. This will be my first time Tog fishing after all these years of fishing.
I have a Okuma Level wind conventional reel loaded with 30lb power pro line mounted on a Diawa Beef Stick 5'6" 30-50 lb boat pole Model BF EB 561XHF
I picked it up last year when I was going to go out for Tog but plans changed and I never got to go. I do have a Ocean Master conventional OM 4000 and a 7'Tica rod to bring instead but I thought I would ask those who know here. Thanks for any help and advise.
The bottom 2 pics are of the 7' Tica with the OceanMaster reel and the last pic is of both rods. Which one should I use on this trip?

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bring them both. i'll look at them and tell you which one to go with that morning. we have plenty of rod storage on the boat so you can hang up the one you're not going to use.
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