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Much depends upon how deep the water is and how much sinker weight is needed to hold bottom where you fish.

I use 2 rods for blackfishing. For blacks under 8#'s I use a lighter rod and a heavier rod for bigger fish. Some day I hope to have a 10#er on the lighter rod just to see if I can get a big black out of its home.

The deepest I fish for sea bass is 80' of water so I use a lighter rod that can handle 6-8 oz of lead.

Here are companies that i feel build good factory rods. Lamiglas, Seeker, Diawa sea Line series and Shakespeare Ugly Sticks.

Check these out at your local tackle shops. Ask their advice and ceiling poke a few rods to find one that feels good to you.

Happy shopping.

Capt Neil
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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