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Try this?

Togfish there is many topics and pictures on your question in the past posts. give a look back and you'll find it. But here is a Snafu rig which is used by many togging veterans as well as a tandem rig on the right hope this helps?


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Bennie - I did a search under Snafu Rigs. Sent the results page via e-amil to your work address.
Talk to ya Tuesday.

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Then here's the first re-post....enjoy

Member posted 08/13/2002 10:23 AM


Fiddler fishing... Lami MB963M and cut tip slightly.
Spring fishing... Lami MB1143F cut back to 11 tip and slightly off the bottom to suit the fishermen due to its length.

Other options were the Mikes Special (inshore fiddler and great skimmer rod) and MB 1083M for early spring fishing down south off of Long Branch or in the channels.

Fall fishing...mid depths, MB1143F with 11 tip or cut to 12 tip, or Shakespeare GBU 84 series.

Winter fishing...MB1143F cut to 13 tip. Fenwick 1206 especially
when you knew their was a chance for cod) and MB1083M were also used.

Reels, newell 220, 4 to 1 and 3.6 ratios for shallow water.
Newell 229 as your all around tog reel.
Fall fishing, newell 322.
For fishing the deeper if using mono, the newell 332 and 338 were used, but the newell 322 with 50lb spectra is all you need. Other then a sidewinder, the newell was by far the best tog reel around.

50lb power pro spectra,
4/0-5/0 gamakatsu octopus hook, either a 50lb or 60lb shock leader of 3 foot of trilene, ande or silver thread mono for abrasion resistance, especially when fishing reefs.

Albright knot for connections.
Tie hooks with both dupont stiff and softer perlon leader material depending on how the fish are biting, or make the traditional Montauk rig, where you make a dropper loop, cut one side of the loop and attach hook.

Usually longer leaders when looking for bigger fish, but watch the current and shorten the leader when necessary if the rig keeps getting tangled on the line.

Snafu with big crabs, but trim baits if the bite is picky....other then snafu rigs, use just one hook. Again cut crab legs if you are fishing areas with loads of current to prevent the bait from spinning.

If using mono instead of spectra, their are only 3 lines to use: jinkai, momoi and silver thread.

Use softer rods when using spectra, and don't stick like you are setting the hook into a tuna.

Flat sinkers to prevent your rig from rolling around, but when fishing inshore, a bank sinker works fine when fishing on rocks. Double up the loop on the bottom and put the sinker through this loop.

Best all around blackfish rig...MB1143F with 11 tip, with newell 220 3.6 and 50 lb power pro.

Years ago before their was spectra, Louie B, caught one of the 2 biggest blackfish seen in years, using a newell 220. Its more then enough reel for any of the black fishing we do off Long Island....

Member posted 08/15/2002 11:06 AM

I use the long leader as I do a lot of fishing on party boats and when someone thinks using a 4oz sinker is fun when ya need at least an 8...well, trying to pick a tangle out of braid is no fun. I have no problem casting with that length either. The Alberto knot is fairly small and passes through the guides and levelwind(if used) with no problem. It also provides some stretch especially when you have a large fish on and it decides to make a last "dive" when it sees the boat. It also provides a great "handle" to lift fish. When snagged up, generally the leader will break at the sinker loop or at the hook dropper that 7-14' legnth can be whittled down alot during a day. Just remember I use around a 7' rod so that legnth isn't all that much. I use that length of leader not only for tog, but also for fluke and other species...just lighter line/leaders.

Member posted 09/03/2002 03:38 PM


Anthonyale...their are a number or rigs to consider...if you are fishing for big fish, then go to the montauk rig, which is a big dropper loop that is cut at one end near the main line...the length of your leader now can range anywhere from 12 - 16 inches...I knew one fellow who fished this rig, as long as 18 inches, and caught many mule blackfish while fishing up north. When you have a picky bite, the blackfish, especially the bigger fish tend to not want to feel any tension on the line, thus the longer leader. Their are times though when you should goto a shorter leader when you get out to the deep water and have trouble hooking fish. You have to see what works best that day.

Your other option is to get straight lengths of Dupont leader material 40-50#, and cut them down to the size you like, preferably 16 inches for a single hook rig. This seems to be the best all around hook, one bait. If you are using a snafu' rig, fishing a large crab, cut the dupont leader material longer, so that you can tie hooks on both ends of the SINGLE PIECE...then make a dropper loop in the middle. I and other guys in our crew, always bring out 3 rigs, one or two rigged with a single hook on dupont leader material, and one with the montauk rig....depending on what pieces we were fishing, is the setup we would grab. If you get onto real nasty reef bottom, you best bet is to get the rig with the dupont material due to having better abrasion resistance when compared to the regular mono rig. But if I am fishing rocky area like Southwest Ledge, or off Mass, in the Nomans area or Buzzards Bay, I goto the montauk rig on 50lb jinkai or momoi line. I shy away from fishing two hooks since they increase the likely hood of getting hung on the piece, especially once you hooked a fish. Also this rig tends to catch smaller fish. None of the regular pinhookers around here use the standard two hook rig you see on many party boat setups.


PS: thanks to all contributors....Cool

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TommyG wrote:
What do you connect to the loop - Sinker? How

The loop on the rig goes to a dropper loop on your line/leader.
The height of the dropper loop above the sinker will vary depending on conditions and where you're fishing.

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The bigger bottom loop is for the sinker and the smaller loop above it in GT's pic is where you attach your hook leader.

In the post before last you asked how to attach the sinker?? hold the loop closed and pass it through the eye of the sinker and then open the loop and pass the sinker through it.

The hook attachment is very similar... pass the hook trough the dropper and then pass the hook through the loop at the end of the hook leader and pull it tight.

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