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blackfish bite

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so tell me oh great wisemen:

1.) do blackfish bite at night??
if so, same bait as day .. crabs??

2.) will they be around the docks to catch during the winter??
do the big 'uns hang around also??

seriously searching,
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It is known among the pinhookers that in the late fall and winter, blackfish will turn on and even bite ferociously into the dark, then shut down. In the mornings, we do not see the blackfish start to bite till the sun breaks the horizon. One theory is that blackfish and even codfish, will move onto structure during the night hours, possibly for security, possibly for food, or both.

Blackfish start to move offshore as the waters cool in the fall...a better indicator is the 'turning of colors' of the leaves, which usually coincides with the start of the migration of blackfish offshore. We know from local lobster potters in the area, that blackfish will move into the deep channels of the Lower and Upper Harbor of New York where water depths reach over 60 feet. During our warmer winters, these fish never leave these channel areas, and lay almost in a semi doormant state. They will not be caught near shore around docks. But, from one of the local draggers we heard stories of blackfish being caught by net in December around the Manhattan Beach reef which is only 15 feet of water!

And one indicator on which size blackfish move offshore first, it is the larger fish which move off. followed by the smaller fish. That is why when you fish certain areas like Scotland or Sea Bright in December you may hit a spot, and it holds numerous small fish. Then as you move off to the deeper waters on New Grounds and 17 fathoms, the size of the fish noticeably increases.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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