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blackfish bite

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so tell me oh great wisemen:

1.) do blackfish bite at night??
if so, same bait as day .. crabs??

2.) will they be around the docks to catch during the winter??
do the big 'uns hang around also??

seriously searching,
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A good one

I would call it a fluke more then a steady bite. But once while I was worming by breezy jetty I hooked a nice fish. The thing faught better then a bass after getting it boat side it was 9:00pm and I had a 14 lbs tog on a worm in the ****pit of the boat. Man I was with my buddy Ralphie from the Odessy. I wonder if he remebers that one? So I understand they do sleep at night but maybe it was a late night snack? Never had the answer to that one?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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