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blackfish bite

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so tell me oh great wisemen:

1.) do blackfish bite at night??
if so, same bait as day .. crabs??

2.) will they be around the docks to catch during the winter??
do the big 'uns hang around also??

seriously searching,
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1 - No, never heard of anyone catching them at night and heard from divers that the tog are inactive at night

2 - The tog move out to deeper water as the temps drop.
Capt, wouldn't call em friends, but, as you said, they tell of some quite large specimens around the snags. One claimed he had speared a 20# brute and missed one that was alot larger.

Always kicking the idea around on learning to scuba dive, maybe one day I'll take the plunge ;)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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