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Blackfish at Cholera?

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First I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. The reason why I made this post is to find out if blackfish/ling/mackeral are available at the cholera banks from late december into early january. I know they are at 17 but I have only a 24 footer and want to stay a little closer to home. Thanx in adavance.
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I haven't found them there that late

Not that I've found. We fish them pretty heavily at Cholera from late Oct to about Thanksgiving and do quite well, but typically after Thanksgiving the water cools to the point that the fish move off a bit.

I know there are those that fish tog on the inshore reefs (25' shallower than Cholera in some cases) into December, but for consistancy over the past 8 years or so, 17 has Cholera beaten hands down after Thanksgiving.

That having been said, even though I ran my boat down to 17 twelve times last Winter between Thanksgiving and Jan 15, my personal best fish as well as the biggest fish on my boat over the past 6 seasons came from Cholera, the weekend before Thanksgiving last year - 11lbs 4oz.

So you CAN catch the biggies there.

rgds, Leprechaun
Look here

17 details

rgds, Leprechaun
Yep, I'll be there

TnF - Yes, we're going tomorrow. I'll be down there with my Shamrock 26 Ragtop - give a shout on 68 and I'll answer.

BHM 28, ha? I've got a friend over on the Shamrock owner's board that just sold his Shammie 20 and went to contract on the Seaworthy 28, I'm sure you know what that is, and was.

Here's the link in which I try to give him some advice as best I can, but maybe you could jump in at my invitation to offer direct owner experience and council? I would regard it as a favor. Gotta read down a bit to get to the good stuff:

New Bhm 28(Seaworthy 28 owner)

Of course I am ASS-uming that you own the boat.

Blackfish - the bottom at 17 is BOTH flat/crusty and has prominent outcroppings - you should have no problem finding appropriate bottom to set up on. DO NOT mug another boat, it has created some serious issues down there, I have a friend with a large Downeaster that pitched some 8 oz sinkers right thru the windshield of another boat last Winter for this type of humping. There's plenty of bottom for everybody to find their own spot without crowding.

rgds, Leprechaun
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