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If you're interested in working as a mate in 2008, drop me a line. If you're comfortable around a boat, on the ocean, and around a fillet table, that's a good start. Talking with and listening to customers is a must, though. We're about customer service and tailoring a trip to the customer's needs.

Check us out online (we're a sponsor, here) and read through our site. I've really tried to get a lot of info online over the years to bring ourselves to life. I even have every fishing report I've ever done online as well, along with dozens of videos.

We'll get started fishing on April 1 for cod/haddock on Stellwagen Bank and we'll end the year in November/December fishing for tuna. And inbetween, we'll be fishing for everything that swims from sharks off of the Vineyard to fluke/scup in Buzzards Bay, to stripers off of Race Point and to cod/haddock/sharks on Wildcat Knoll.

If you're interested in working the whole season or would be interested in filling in on an "as-needed" basis, drop me a line. Thanks!

Capt. Rich Antonino
Black Rose Fishing Charters
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