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looks like the Togs are going to get hit next year?
Pat Donnelly has bad news for blackfish anglers. The Brielle dentist reports the state's recreational fishermen have to take a 29 percent cut next year and there's no painless way to do it.

He chaired a meeting of the state advisory panel which came up with two alternatives which will do the job. In order to retain the 10-fish bag limit, the season would be restricted to Oct. 31 through Jan. 31, with the one-tautog bag in effect from Feb. 1 to Oct. 30.

The alternative is seven tog from Nov. 1 to Jan. 31, with two from Feb. 1 to May 31, and one from June 1 to Oct. 31.

Raising the size limit isn't an option permitted by ASMFC scientists as they claim that only "postpones mortality."

If that's the case, why are recreational size limits raised almost every year on fluke, porgies, sea bass, etc.?

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