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Recreational Anglers, Partyboat and Charter Capts,

The New England Fishery Management Council is attempting to devise ways to reduce the cod catches and once again recreational fishermens limits are possibly part of the equation. Modifications to Framework 36 which sets the regulation for cod is currently under revision. Some of the ideas on the table include.

5 fish limit for recreational, party and charter boats in the gulf of Maine.

No recreational, party or charter boat fishing in the western Gulf of Maine closed areas (Stellwagen bank and Jefferies ledge).

24" limit and no fishing in closed areas.

Gulf of Maine cod landings reduced to 10-20% of the total catch.

Different limits for each sector (rec, party, charter)

22" limit and no fishing in closed areas from Dec-April.

This info is from the groundfish committe meeting held Oct 24th, Peabody Mass.

Lets make sure the resource is shared by everyone equally with the hopes of rebuilding the stocks to what they were.

Capt. Marc

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