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from 1010wins -
Two Ships Collide in Newark Bay

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- A 669-foot ship carrying orange juice collided Thursday with a dredging vessel in Newark Bay.
No one was injured in collision, but a small amount of hydraulic fluid leaked into the frigid waters.
The freighter, called the Orange Sun, and a dredging vessel carrying seven people collided just before 2 p.m. A third vessel got out of the way just in time, said Coast Guard spokesman Seth Johnson.
As a precaution, five people were evacuated from the dredging vessel, which was taking on water, and two remained on board, officials said.
The Orange Sun was on its way to a nearby pier, being escorted by two tug boats, at the time of the collision, Johnson said.

Newark Bay was closed indefinitely.

Does this mean even less dredging work will get done?
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