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been hearing alot about all the bait in FI inlet. SHAD herring, ect.

what is the best way to catch these fish to use for live bait?
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If you are looking to fill the bait well, herring rigs, mackeral rigs or sibiki rigs with a weight or metal jig at the bottom work very well. I have even caught many of them on the weighted snagging trebles (not snagged, they attacked it)

For fun, use ultra light tackle with a small spoon, shad dart or small Fin-S lure. They jump a lot and are a good time to catch.
Oh yea, like it was already mentioned. When using any of the multiple hook rigs, when you hook one in the school, let it swim around a bit. You will often catch multiple fish.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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