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want to buy custom or factory built one piece in 7-8' range for spring striper. Will throw light bucks (1/2)and plugs to 1 1/2 ounces. Anyone have a recco on blank, length and alternate factory built rod. Thinking about 7 1/2 lami 1L but need better input. Buddy reccoed the st croix 7 1/2.

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I second that recommendation

I've had a tog rod built on a trimmed St. Croix Muskie blank # 2M76MHF and think that might just be one of the most versatile blanks I've ever seen. Nice tip action, powerful midsection and light as a feather. Designed to chuck lures at Muskies, so you KNOW its a tough son of a gun.

If you want longer and a bit more "Tippy" then try the 2M80MHF.

Or if you take GOOD care of your tackle you can try the same blanks out of St. Croix's next level up, the SC-III "Avid" series. Even lighter weight and more powerful, but more delicate too.

There's PLENTY of blanks out there - you need to get to a rod builder's place and pull on a few in order to focus in EXACTLY the type action you want.

There's a few of them guys around here. ;)

Here's a link to St. Croix's Premier-series rod blanks, scroll down to "Muskie Blanks":

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