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Well its funny I bet we all have our own ways of landing all types of fish. But with all the new tools around Boga's, tail straps, What do you think is the best way to land your catch?
State if it is a catch and release or for consumption!
I prefer for release a good old big Net.
One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is trying to net the fish from the tail. Guy?s always! I repeat Always net a fish head first! There are many reasons behind this but believe me it?s the only way. Unless you have no other choice but that can only be if he gets off the hook and you make a swipe at him. I did try the Bogas this year and like them a lot. I will be looking into getting one. The only problem I find is the scale on them only goes to 30 lbs. So when you get the big guy you got a problem. I know Berkley makes a 50 or 60 lbs one but the quality is not near the boga?s craftsmanship. Ok Lets hear your choices and why?

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Better than Boga???

Hey Mike,

I just got the Cabela's tackle catalog and found this in there for $69.99. It has a 60 lb scale. I think it might be the answer.

I checked out the Rapala version, which appears to be the same design and was pretty impressed. I think it was $10 more. While it looks like a mechanical nightmare, it is a pretty simple design and instead of having to open the jaws to get it on a fish's lip, it has a one way jaw that all you have to do is push it onto the lip. Not bad, I think I might get one for this season.

For landing fish, I like the net. It is simple and works quick. But when it's tied up, I'll usually just try and lip the fish in. With blackfish, don't we just pull them through the motorwell cut out ;).



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On my boat

A 4' home made pick gaff, using a good piece of broomstick, a 10/0 Siwash stainless hook (W/no barb) an SS screw/washer/bolt and some big diameter heat-shrink tubing to make the handle less slippery.

Best gaff hits to date with this little terminator: 36.5lb Bass, 18lb Blue and an 11lb4oz Tog.

We NEVER use a net for the toggies anymore - don't even take it out - if the fish is over 7 lbs the the gaff in the throat gets used. No more net-tangled rigs, therefore more fishing time.

rgds, Leprechaun
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