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Best fish/depth finder for $250-350???

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No I am not looking for a Furuno color scope.... a good mid range unit with 240 or 360 vert/horiz. pixels.. speed and temp etc will do nicely.. I am leaning more toward Garmin... any body have a unit they love and would recommend??? .. newer Humminbirds any good??? Eagle? Lowarance? other?.... this is for a small boat so a massive unit with a bronze thru-hull is not in the cards... price I am willing to pay.. is is reasonable or am I a cheap date?? ... thanks in advance for the help.... bob
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I have 2 raytheons L265 & L365 and they will both be crab food real soon.I've had great luck with lowrance units,but I saw a real nice si-tex in boat U.S. the other day and almost bought it.I think it was around $369-you may want to check that out.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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