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Best Components?

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Thinking about turning my Shakespear gbu 120-6 into a mercedes of Cod rods. I want light yet strong. What are the best Brands (top of the line) of components?

Cork? (thinking about rings)
Foam (may use this or combine with cork)?
Thread (Under & over)?
Reel Seat? (SW proof)
Epoxy finish?
guides (fuji?(titanium?)

The action I really like is 18" off the top and 6" off the bottom (8' total). The blank is alread in my basement so this is what i will use and it made a super cod rod in the past.

This time I was also thinking about lightly sanding the blank to get rid of the spiral bands if possible (anyone ever do this and how?).

You help is appreciated.

Capt. Marc
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Capt Marc

Hi Capt.

Do not sand off the spiral rings. That is part of thr process that Shakespeare uses to make strong blanks. It is called the Howald Process. I would apply a coay of finish epoxy over the rblank if you want to smooth it out a bit.

A GBU, Gutts Butt, blank is STRONG. I still have that blank but in 2 pieces.

For someone who fishes occasionally I would say use Fuji Hardloy guides even if you use synthetic line. Use a SIC tip top. However, if you will be using that rod many times a year I would suggest Fuji SIC guides, silicon carbide. A set will cost much more, maybe $75.00 more. You can use BULG or BHNLG Hardloy guides. For SIC use HNSG or USG guides.

Go with a heavy duty salt water reel seat, Fuji DPSH.

How about a Quik Grip over Duck Twine butt grip. It takes a beating. Figure out the length of the grip. Mark off 1" spacing as crossover points for the duck twine, 100 # test mono can also be used. After I wrap the duck twine I drop epoxy at the cross over points so there is no slippage. Then I slide the Quik Grip, shrink tubing, over the butt into place and shrink the tubing with a heat gun. Use EVA or cork for a fore grip.
I underwrap with "A" thread. Install the guides with black nylon "B" thread. I top wrap with "A" thread. I do apply a coat of epoxy over each wrap and dry brush the excess off to get a thin coat.

I use Classic Rod Coat 2 part epoxy on my wraps. Most of my friends use Flex Coat, has been around a long time but set up quicker while applying.

My phone # is below if I can help better that way.
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Capt. Marc

Good Morning Capt.

You might have 4 cod rods already BUT this sounds like a special one.

Yes, cork will be lighter. You can make the butt into 2 pieces, top and bottom. The space in between the 2 butt grips can be filled with a fancy wrap.

This will still be a heavy stick. In the interest of lightness of rod weight but still having a heavy pay load try this; guides on top of the blank cause a torque that wants to twist the rod which tries to rotate the top of the rod to the bottom. A "spiral wrapped" rod, guides spiraling the line from 0* to 180*, from on top to below, will eliminate all this torque. This also removes the stress on the blank and components. And the "spiral wrap" will allow you to use lighter guides, ergo a lighter weight rod.

***** I "spiral wrapped" a Calstar GX7 for fishing sea bass and porgys in 70' water. Being in a rush to try it, I used 1/4" masking tape to hold the guides in place, and ONLY 1 TURN OF TAPE!!!! I fished 4 days in a row, caught lots of fish, used 6 and 8 oz sinkers AND the guides stayed in place all that time. Not 1 guide moved or was ripped off! That, then and there sold me on "spiral wraps" for a conventional rod! *****

This would work fine on your rod.

Have fun building the ROD!
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Capt Marc


Grading of cork is very subjective, depends upon a persons view. It is not a black and white senario.

Bob McKamey, Custom Tackle Supply in Tennessee, 931 684-6164, is supposed to have quality cork rings.

Been awhile since I ordered cork rings from JannsNetcraft, 800 638-2723, but the quality was good and a fair price.

It is almost impossible to get cork with no faults. Near clear cork is beautiful. Give those 2 companies a phone call and see what they have in stock if you don't have your own supplier.

Happy cork hunting.
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