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Best Components?

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Thinking about turning my Shakespear gbu 120-6 into a mercedes of Cod rods. I want light yet strong. What are the best Brands (top of the line) of components?

Cork? (thinking about rings)
Foam (may use this or combine with cork)?
Thread (Under & over)?
Reel Seat? (SW proof)
Epoxy finish?
guides (fuji?(titanium?)

The action I really like is 18" off the top and 6" off the bottom (8' total). The blank is alread in my basement so this is what i will use and it made a super cod rod in the past.

This time I was also thinking about lightly sanding the blank to get rid of the spiral bands if possible (anyone ever do this and how?).

You help is appreciated.

Capt. Marc
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Thanks for the advice. This rod will not be the everyday abuse cod rod I normally bring with me but someting I take out for special trips with friends. Price is not an issue except when it comes to the gold plated stuff. I used the Fuji SIC and really like them and was thinking about titanium sic for this rod.

Good point about the spirals. Will keep them intact without any sanding.

I think I really want cork now that I think about it. It is nice and light and easy to clean beside slime doesn't soak in too bad.

Still in the design stage and forming a list.


Capt. Marc

PS Like I really need another cod rod. :) I have 4.
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Not quite yet sold on the Roberts wrap(?). A friend and rod builder likes it but since i plan on spending some $$$ on this one I feel i better not try something new. I will wait till one of my old cod rods need new guids and then tape them on and give the robers wrap a try when doing some heavy jigging (and catching I hope).

Is it really worth the extra $$$ for the top grade cork rings?

Capt. Marc
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