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I have been spending a lot of time looking thru the weave and wrapping threads there is truly amazing work on all of the threads. By the way, it takes a lot of time to go thru a 92 page thread.

Anyway, I have some questions about materials to be used. Which rod finsih is recommended? I have heard flex coat can be cloudy if the hummidity isn't low enough during application and so on. Is there a particular brand of finish that most people prefer because of build/yellowing/cloudy etc...

Also, I have been seeing reference to various books. What are the must get books for introduction and wrap paterns etc...

I figured a thread that put a lot of the beginning info in one place would be a great help to me or anyone else looking to attempt rod building.

Thanks in advance

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Call Bob's B&T in Amity Harbor and get the rod building DVD created by Steve Petrie. It is excellent. Steve Petrie also is the owner of Amity Harbor Outfitters, 631-842-6711, where you can get all your rod building supplies and components, books and DVD include. He also does mail order.


Rod Building Guide by Tom Kirkman

Advanced Custom Rod Building by Dale Clemmens

Decorative Wraps by Billy Vivona aka billy40

Take private lessons. I teach rod building.

Join a rod building club if there is one in your area.

Many tackle shops build custom rods and will help you. I suggest you buy your materials from them and you may get more help.

Join NERBs.

It is a great past time.

Capt Neil
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