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I will try to respond based on my experience on the North Shore:

1.) I only use a leader when bait fishing - lures get tied directly onto my line. Only exception is if I am knowingly throwing into a school of frenzied blue fish. Then I go with a wire leader.

2.) No personal experience with the rod & reel you are using - although I have heard good things about them. I use a St. Croix 8'.6" spinning rod with 14# Fireline spooled onto a Penn 5500 reel. They work well for me when using either bait or lures. Regarding leader to line rate - probably a good idea to use a lighter leader then your regular line when bait fishing. That way if you hang up on the bottom - you can break pff without losing a lot of regular line & all of your tackle.

3.) Eels vs lures - I have always found bait outfishes lures at least in the area that I generally fish (Nissequoge River). This seems to espiecially hold true at night. Only lures I've had any real luck with are the soft plastics & the occasional cast master.

4.) Tides - again - my location best tides:
Incoming - blues
Outgoing - Bass (more fish of both catagories on this tide)
Different areas are going to have different results. Youy need to try all tides in the location you intend to fish in order to find out which is best for the particular area.

Hope some of this helps..........

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