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Hi folks,

I generally don't do this but I think this is important and may require your assistance.

I just received an important message from a good friend and I think we are in trouble. Today (sorry for the last minute notice) before 11:30am there is a public campaign hearing regarding the commercial taking (Striped Bass) from the nursery grounds of the Hudson River. However, we found out yesterday that 3 environmental organizations will probably oppose the bill today during the hearing.

Please read on and if you feel strongly about this… I ask you to help and reply before 11:30am today.


Please ask everyone you can reach to fax a copy to the number on the letter. If they can not fax, they can send it to the Chairman via email at:
[email protected]

Since time is so short, I think it is best that faxes be limited to Mr. DiNapoli.

However, emails and phone calls will help.
All contact points for members of the committee can be found at

I would focus on Majority party members which are Dems.
Here is the letter. Talk to you soon.


May 13, 2002

VIA FACSIMILE 518-455-4921

Assemblyman Thomas P. DiNapoli
Legislative Office Building 837
Albany, NY 12248

Dear Chairman DiNapoli:

I am writing you in strong support of Bill A10141, which prohibits the taking of striped bass from the Hudson River for commercial purposes north of the George Washington Bridge.

The Hudson River, along with the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River, are the three primary spawning areas for striped bass. Of these three estuaries, The Hudson River is considered the second largest.

Recognizing the uniqueness of these spawning areas, none of the States that are responsible for the management of striped bass while they are on the spawning grounds permit the taking of striped bass for commercial purposes during the Spring spawning period.

The Hudson River is comparable to the Delaware River in that both are relatively narrow and shallow bodies of water. Recognizing the unique nature of river spawning and juvenile nursery areas, Pennsylvania and New Jersey completely prohibit the taking of striped bass for commercial purposes from the Delaware River.

Bycatch fisheries for striped bass are simply not a tenable option. Time and again, when a high-value fish such as striped bass is permitted to be caught as bycatch, it becomes the de facto targeted species and the originally targeted species becomes a secondary consideration.

Finally, the Hudson River striped bass population plays a vital role in providing a recreational and commercial fishery for the entire East Coast. From the perspective of the recreational fishing community, the striped bass is the only fish that grows to truly large proportions that is available to shore or small boat-bound anglers. A commercial fishery for striped bass on the Hudson River will have a severe negative impact on the fish, those who seek them along the coast, and the marine businesses that depend on a healthy striped bass population.

I urge you and all members of the Environmental Conservation Committee to vote 'yes' on Bill A17141. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Hello Spaceh8st,

I am glad that you care and took the immediate action. People like yourself and DoctorFish can make a difference. Thank you! :)

BTW: As a follow up, I just received this PRESS RELEASE.

For immediate release: May 15, 2002
Contact: Michael Doebley, Legislative Director 609-294-3315

Hudson River Striped Bass Protection Bill Passes Key Committee Hurdle

ALBANY, NY (May14th, 2002) - A bill sponsored by
Assemblyman Richard Brodsky (D-NY) and strongly
supported by the Recreational Fishing Alliance - (RFA) cleared
its first hurdle today after being favorably released
by the NY Assembly Environmental Conservation
Committee. Assemblyman DiNapoli, Chairman of the
committee, guided the bill successfully through the
committee process.

The bill, A10141, specifically states that stripers
caught by any means in the Hudson or its tributaries
north of the George Washington Bridge, can not be
taken for purposes of, "selling, trading, bartering,
or exposing such fish for purchase, sale, trade or

The sale of striped bass caught in the Hudson River
was prohibited over 25 years ago due to PCB
contamination. PCB- laden fish has been linked to
numerous cognitive and developmental problems.
Although recreational fisherman are more likely to
know fish consumption limits, a person who consumes a
commercially available fish would not know the health
concerns of consuming such fish.

In 2000, The New York State Department of
Environmental Conservation to appointed a Temporary
Advisory Committee to submit a report to the
Commissioner that included recommendations on
commercial management of striped bass in the Hudson
River. The Committee resulted in no consensus decision
on reopening the fishery. The no-consensus results of
the Committee reflect the widespread uncertainty
associated with reopening the striped bass commercial

"The Hudson River is comparable to the Delaware River
in that both are relatively narrow and shallow bodies
of water. Recognizing the unique nature of river
spawning and juvenile nursery areas, Pennsylvania and
New Jersey completely prohibit the taking of striped
bass for commercial purposes from the Delaware River.
Since the advisory panel could reach no decision, we
believe that it is essential that the Hudson be kept
closed through legislation,"

States Jack Ferarra,
RFA-NY Chairman.

In local economic terms, the recreational striped bass
angling community provides tremendous revenues to
local Hudson River communities.
"The loss of the
trophy-sized fish to commercial fishing pressure would
mean the immediate loss of the recreational anglers
who travel from across New York and the nation seeking
the fish of a lifetime and the loss of the huge
revenues they spend in River communities, "
Sharon Jones, the RFA representative on Hudson River

"This is the first step in what will be a long and
difficult process. RFA-NY urges all concerned anglers
to actively support this bill as it goes through the
legislative process in the upcoming months. We thank
both Assemblyman Brodsky and Assemblyman DiNapoli for
their hard work on this issue,"
said Jack Ferarra.

-end -

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]

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Space wrote:
So where have you been??? Gonna give us a little taste of where and what you have been doing?

Hi Space,
I've been fishing just about every night and the fishing is really good.
I've been educating a few body of fish (up to 44") on plugs... In fact, last night (Gust howling NW 40 knots) the fish was still cooperative and I had a bonus fish (33" weakfish). :)

Dunno what this wind (howling for the past 3 days - brown waters) is gonna do to the pattern.... but I am sure once it settles down - the fish will be willing.

Send me an email if you want further info.

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected][/B]
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