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Bear Mountain State Park???

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what is the best spot in that park for bass? Also does anyone know where I could get live minnows nearbye?
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I've fished Hessian lake over the past few yrs.. alot of smallies along the shoreline. Best best is to rent one of their boats and take to the lake. Most anglers head to the Northside near the rental cabins. Yes, Harriman State Park with it's 7 lakes. Lake Welch is popular with locals. fish the south side along a small roadway. avoid just south of the beach area. Davis Sports Shop, NY's answer to a downsized Bass Pro or Cabella's. Luv the place.
Give Askoti a try

Lake Askoti in Harriman State Park is very popular. Local anglers talk about the Bass in it.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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