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Just toss her out there and wach it wiggle. Beachmaster darters really are the best darn thing on the market, not many currents can make it flop on the surface, it digs right away, NO other darters, save custom, can comapare with is random darting action, the cast well... the list goes on. For $2 or $3 over a gibbs, for a custom made plug that is thru wired, how can anybody get my money before Beachmaster? Their swimmers have such a unique swim it is unmatchable. One caution, you are on your own in finding them. I am a nice guy, but I will not tell you where to find them, too many days I have gone on hunts for certain models and came up empty or with one plug and a $20 gas bill. I am still looking for certain colors that I have never even seen, and they always pop up, and some of their plug models that I have never even seen only heard of or glimpsed. Please, if the shop is closing down for financial reasons, I would be willing to put up some funds, or even turn plugs (for free plugs), I am capable with a lathe and a quick learner LOL.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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