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Happy New Year everyone.
My question is; Is the Gibbs Darter that is sold by Terminal Tackle the same size and shape as the now DISCONTINUED Beachmaster Darter? More importantly does the Gibbs have the SAME ACTION?
Gibbs Darter is as follows;
DR-158 Wt. 1 5/8 oz. Length 5"
DR-212 " 2 1/2 oz. " 6 1/4"
DR- 3 " 3 oz. " 6 1/8"
Your input is appreciated as always.
Thank you.

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Happy New Year to you!

None of the currently produced Gibbs darters are similar to the Beachmaster darters. Bobby only produces two, the short fat one and the one that is very similar to the old Frech Montauk Darter. They both swim much deeper than even the biggest Gibbs darter, which is fatter than the larger Beachmaster.

All the best,
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