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Just to let folks on the board know...Bassmaster, who posts here from time to time & makes some truly boadacious plugs, recently had a brush with a power washer and ended up in the hospital after getting a hole punched through his middle finger by the machine. :( Seems it turned on accidently while his hand was in front of the nozzle and the hi-power spray drilled right through the finger. Recent word is no surgery necessary, he should be OK before long although that hand will likely be sore enough to restrict his plug-turning efforts for a bit. We wish a speedy recovery...the stripers will soon be heading back our way and it wouldn't be the same without Bassmaster's nocturnal meanderings along the back beaches. Be well, BM..let us know how you're doing. ;)

Jerry Vovcsko,
East Bridgewater, Ma
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