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Just wondering if anyone could suggest some good bass fishing lakes here on Long Island. I fish a few spots here in Eastern Nassau (Massapequa and Wantagh), just wondering if there might be some others that are as good or better. Another question I have is also pertaining to bass locations. Can any one suggest a good lake up-state for a bass trip this June. Something an hour or two outside Manhattan would be perfect. All or any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Lots of places!

Withn one to two hours of the city is some of the best bassn in the NE!!

Look these up:

NYC Reservoirs: (get your permit!!)
Cross River
New Croton

State Parks:
Bear Mt./ Hessian Lake
Rockland Lake
Franklin D. Roosvelt

Get ahold of the NYDEC, they will gladly send you tons of info (maps, directions, stocking list) on the areas your asking about.

A nice Smallie caught from the shore of New Croton.


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