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Bass Pro/Offshore Angler Warning

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Bad service beware. Ordered a tasco monocular at bass pro. While placing the order I asked to see if they had it in the warehouse. Was told 1 left. Ordered a spool of wire $9.00 to fill the $25 shipping limit (monoculars $14.99).

Not trusting the computer that there actually was one in the warehouse, I instructed the sales person to cancel the whole order if the monoculars were not available. She entered this into the computer and asked that costomer service check the item before shipping.

2 days later I get a gift certificate for $14.99 in the mail only to be used at retail bass pro stores (nearest MD or the catalog).

Called bAss pro and they said I should mail back the certificate for a refund. They couldn't just void out the number and issue a refund (that would be too easy). I asked about the $9 worth of piano wire. That was shipped. So thinking I paid $6 in shipping for a $9 spool of wire I said I wanted a refund on that as well. She said that I should stick the wire in the envelope along with the certificate. I am thinking it cost them $6 to mail the wire to me, I would have to pay at least that to send it back. The costomer servce person had no clue. Finally I convinced her to send a prepais shipping labe to send back the junk for a refund.

It's not the price but the lousy service that ticked me off. No more bAss pro. They have become a monster and service appears to have suffered.

My 0.02 and a warning to others. Unless their warehouse has 1000 items in stock.

Capt. Marc
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I never had a problem in many years. I would give them another chance.
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