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Bass Grabber by Catch All lures??

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Anybody ever use a lure called Bass Grabber by Catch-All lures? I saw it at:,12746,191707,00.html

Evidently its a soft-bodied bait that has pockets that you put effervescent tablets (alka-seltzer?) in and it fizzes when put in water.

If any one has used them, for what kind of fish and any success?

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I use to use those but I only caught fish who had heart burn!!!

I dunno... it looks very interesting but I just dunno.

I like to know first hand who had great success with it. Come out...I know you are out there! :)

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
Saw these recently in a Cabela's catolgue - immediately thought of pop rocks.

Ever try to give those to your dog?
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