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Basic COD fishing question

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I want to go Cod fishing in Mass on the Helen H soon.
My question is about technique used in setting the hook while jigging and while using bait.
Do you guys set the hook the same way?
I mean, do you swing hard like Blackfishing?
Or no?
I've only caught a handful of Cod in my life, what does the bite of a really big Cod feel like?
Do they hit the jig or bait hard?
Stupid questions I know, but I have nobody in my circle of friends that are good at Cod fishing.
Thank you for your time.
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Sometimes the cod will hit on the drop and when you go to lift up on the rod you will feel the fish. I pretty much just reel in, in a situation like this. Other times they will hit on the up swing and what I do is wait a second before lowering my tip and wait for a bounce or two then lower my rod reeling the slack and give a small quick jerk nothing to hard but enough to stick it. I haven't been fortunate to hook into a big one on a jig yet but I have heard they will just lay on it and it may feel like bottom and before you go to try to work the jig just wait to see if the bottom comes to life, if it does bring the fish in. Some times the fish will chase the jig while you are retrieving it. When this happens don't stop to set the hook but keep reeling and slowly increase your reeling speed. Hope this helps some.
Yes you can set the hook but do not go nuts. The Helen H is a very good boat. He really works hard to put you on the fish. I did that 2 day trip last year. It was an amazing trip. Here is the link to last years trip. They usually fish Georges Bank from October through March then on this 2 day trip you will be fishing the Gulf of Maine for Haddock on day one and Cod on day two. Joe will probably be fishing the GOM throughout the spring time until he switches over to porgy fishing. Another boat to look into is the American Classic in Lynn or Eatman's in Seabrook NH. Helen H 3/31-4/1

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To put those on the hook of your jig you can either remove the hook from the jig if possible and slide the teaser on. If not just take the top of the squid and feed it up the hook from the point. Jigging you might want to tie on a mono topshot of at least 50 feet. What I like to do is use some old 100lb line and tie it to the jig then about 18inches up from the jig tie a dropper loop about 3-5 inches long for a teaser then about 10 inches above that a swivel so I can attach the rig to my mono top shot.
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