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There was a tread way back when with a few guys discussing bait tails and there was even a picture. I found jigs very similiar to the picture posted and they were called bunker tails. I tried the 3 ounce in Montauk and it really looked awesome in the water. after quite a bit of effort I caught 1 32" bass then lost it to a bluefish.

Are these Bunker tails bait tails? and what is the preferred method to use.... on the bottom, short bounce, big bounce, and what about colors?


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All about bait tails

Well the bunker tail you are using is the same as a baitail.It is just a diffrent shape and also lets the mold go up tyo 6 to 8 oz. Below is the link to find out about bait tails which i posted up earlier in the year. Get to the store and get more the bite is happening and you don't want to miss out!
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