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This may be a dumb question. I am right handed. I have a baitcaster with the retrieve handle on the right. I come from a spinning/conventional past. Now, when I cast the baitcaster, with my right hand, controlling the spool, I have to do a quik shuffle to get the crank into my right hand.

Wouldn't it be easier to have the crank on the left? This would leave me with the rod in my right hand, which is more comfortable, and the crank in my left hand. Seems better to me. A sponsored freshwater bass fisherman confirmed this for me. Did I buy the wrong reel?

Any thoughts from you guys would be very helpful.

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Nice to know I am not the only one!!!

I have a couple of Corsairs that crank lefty. I prefer to pull on the pole with my stronger right arm.

The Corsairs that end in 1 are the left handed cranks (201, 301, 401). Great value. Strong at a decent price.
Again, nice to know that I am not the only one!!!

I actually have a couple of rods with each type of reel. I like to crank left handed, my brother likes right handed.

As for the girlfriend, I can't help you. I tried every combination possible for my wife, but she just didn't have the arm/hand strength to not be spaztic trying to bring in a fish. Uprights, conventionals, short poles, long poles, long butts, short butts, made no different. I almost considered a drop line.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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