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This may be a dumb question. I am right handed. I have a baitcaster with the retrieve handle on the right. I come from a spinning/conventional past. Now, when I cast the baitcaster, with my right hand, controlling the spool, I have to do a quik shuffle to get the crank into my right hand.

Wouldn't it be easier to have the crank on the left? This would leave me with the rod in my right hand, which is more comfortable, and the crank in my left hand. Seems better to me. A sponsored freshwater bass fisherman confirmed this for me. Did I buy the wrong reel?

Any thoughts from you guys would be very helpful.

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Thanks Doughboy,

I have a Shimano Corsair 400A, spooled with 20# power pro. Only used it twice so far. I think they make it in a left handed version. (gotta check) I'm happy with the reel in general. Its only $80 new. Maybe I'll try the left hand model, and my current new one will end up in the 4sale forum. (Cant afford a Calcutta right now, but that would be my 1st choice!)

A right-handed big conventional reel for heavy/stand-up gear is great, but not on a small or medium size baitcaster. On stand-up, the rod in the left hand is better because you have better leverage and control from the belt. I like working a medium rod with my right hand, cranking with the left. It just feels good and right.

Hey Reel manufacturers it and they will come. I personally think you have it backwards. It seems common sense to me.


Thanks all, thanks Strike,

401, here I come. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Whats another $80?

Now do I get another rod for the 400, right handed? Let my GF use it? She doesn't need to cast. Then I'll get a bigger boat with more rod holders. Then I'll be able to run farther. Then, I'll need bigger rods, reels. More gas. Insurance. Real electronics. Might as well go offshore now. Outriggers, a mile of rope, gaffs, tailropes, epirb, liferaft. Big cool lures. Buckets of chum, flats of bait. With all the equipment invested, I might as well get a bigger boat...

This is my fate isn't it?

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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