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Bait vs plugs

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I fish both bait and plugs but I wont fish bait in certain areas.Iwas at demo last week and guys were fishing bait on the point now we all know this area is very tight why would they fish bait there with 8 and 10 oz sinkers?any thoughts on this?
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ebbtide you can always fish around them, I was : ) just be mindful of the drift. The currant is going to determin were their lines go, your casting bucktails and the currant is going to sweap your line also to the same vanashing point. Know were your line and lure are and walk it around theirs, and once in awhile snag it just to piss them off. Or you could fish a dead bait with no weight and use the water currant to bring your bait to the fish and out fish the googans, maybe you can humilate them and they will leave. Last sat you could of fished a dead bait and drifted right under the party boat "THE FISH FINDER"
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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